Hong Kong Ghostbuster GuaiTan

Some dudes with huge glasses invented the internet like more than ten years ago. And today if you’re looking to combine rage and the internet, the best place to start would be a little known site known as YouTube. Anyone heard of “GuaiTan” before? Now, anybody who’s seen this show knows that this is about a Hong Kong ghostbuster team travelling around Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand and Malaysia to investigate paranormal cases and haunted places. Go to YouTube, do a search on “GuaiTan” and you’ll know what I mean. I think they are showing it on Astro now.


Do you believe in ghost? Have you ever had any unusual, inexplicable experiences? This is a topic that has caused much controversy. There are many opinions and interpretations of the subject of ghosts and, it is one subject that there is no concrete answer for. Many people deceive themselves by believing in the supernatural without any form of substantial scientific evidence.

Personally, I do believe. Many of you may not agree with me and that’s OK because like I said, there are many opinions on this subject and without solid evidence one way or the other, each of us with our own way of thinking have a perfect right to believe whatever we believe. It’s the same thing as some people believe that Michael Jackson is white and some people believe he is black.

Now back to the show, Guaitan. I respect the investigations, but I must confess they gave me no information or evidence about ghosts and haunting. Most of the results were conflicting. Not all the time but most of the time the whole fuxing team run away during the most critical time. A simple object falling to the ground will make them scatter away like sheep. No offence but aren’t they supposed to be snapping some ghost images? So when you know there are something there, why run? It’s like you are doing a documentary about monkeys and when you know the monkeys are there, you fuxing run away and you awesomely think filming the entire crew running away like pussy is a better idea. The haunting exists but where’s the ghost? I don’t blame them for being afraid, it’s normal. Putting myself at the same situation, I would run too.

Probably faster than them.

OK it’s dangerous and life is at stake, that’s why they run. Then why don’t install more cameras at different angles and areas so that when all of you run away like a pussy, at least the cameras are there to capture the unseen? I know it’s really hard to argue with such an extensive and reasoned argument. Nevertheless, I personally believe that those experiences are real and these people are trying really hard to prove it. But the whole process of the show lack of professionalism and hence it makes me believe there are no ghosts. It’s always the creepy guy from the amusement arcade! Extensive research by experienced ghost hunter Scooby Doo has proved it. But it’s great to have a few ghost stories to tell round the camp fire or during a power cut. You know that kinda feeling.

If they are looking for someone who has balls, please vote for me. And if you vote me, I promise you a lot of screaming, running, hot chicks and virgins.



3 Responses to “Hong Kong Ghostbuster GuaiTan”

  1. dead_cockroach Says:

    I believe in them too.

    You can read my experience with them here: http://weblog.xanga.com/dead_cockroach/688884767/knock-knock-whos-there.html

  2. SvinzZ Says:

    hiak hiak ~ i am guai tan fans ^^ , watching it every week one …
    b4 yr 2008 all very nice one .. but after tht i feel like guai tan become talk show d …
    actually got 1 time got 1 putra member join them for shooting in cheras also mah … on 19-4-2008 tat espisob … u can go view for it
    you can go to youtube ahlooahloo channel watch guaitan also . he load the show everyweek on time ^^V

  3. renaye Says:

    ok u got my vote.

    i watched it once on astro. but it’s scary and goosebump-ing. so i quit. and yes i believe in spirits and such after being ‘disturbed’ by them for most of my live.

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